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That's My Life
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Date:2003-10-08 14:16
Subject:Birthday boy

The names have been changed.

Hope you heard the news from someone, we only called a few people, and then a few people have called us, so they know that Lynn birthed our baby on Friday Feb. x, 199x. She became aware of her labor that morning, I and our friend Ms Smith both got home to Lynn about noon, Lynn seemed fine and I figured we would go to the hospital perhaps that night or the next day. So I did the dishes while Ms Smith sat with Lynn and timed contractions. We called the midwives back when the contractions got stronger and closer together, and they said to come in. We had a few things packed, but he was 2 weeks early, so we had to get things arranged fast. The drive in was uneventful, though Lynn began talking in very short sentences, such as "car bad" or "water now". Lynn was able to walk to the birthing room, even took the stairs as we always did during our many visits there, she stopped twice I think on the way to wait out a contraction while holding on to the wall. Ms Smith was a big help. We got Lynn into the birthing room and I went down to get stuff from the car. She had to be on the monitor for 20 mins. but the baby looked fine, so they took it off early. The midwife, Angie, examined her and said, "You are going to be sooooo happy," as Lynn was already at 9 cm and station 1. The nurse said "Oh my God" and we just laughed. Lynn continued her short sentences and we left her alone during contractions, talked to her a bit between. She walked around, tried different positions etc., and was Angie examined her again. Things slowed and the head would not pass the cervic, nor would the water break. More positioning, and talking, then we finally broke the water (with a stick). Still the head did not advance but the baby sounded fine, Lynn kept contracting, and finally Angie used a gloved finger to get the head past the cervix. Then Lynn started to feel things differently, More position changes, some pushing, some low moans and other undescribable sounds, and Angie had Lynn reach down and feel the babies head. All was still well, But Lynn wanted the child out. More pushing and the head popped out, the body came out fast and the child lay on the floor (as Lynn was standing). We heard a little "umph" that sounds the same as the "umph" he gives now, and sounds a bit like Lynn. We all looked at him and Lynn touched him (poked him in the balls) as if to see if he was real. She announced, “Look at the balls on that boy!” He started breathing and wiggling around. Angie clamped and cut the cord quickly as she was concerned about a surge of blood from Lynn’s womb. We got Lynn onto the bed and let her see the now wrapped baby, and tried to get him to nurse, but there was too much going on. Angie became concerned, and so we all did, I took the baby and sat in a chair near Lynn and tried to stay out of the way. The lights came on, the nurses rushed in, an IV was started, a supervisor was called, it was a bit little scary, Lynn kept saying "ouee-ouee", I talked to the child who had now pooped all over my shirt and pants, telling him momma was going to be fine and that he would be nursing in no time. He opened his eyes slowly, they rolled around in his head, then he brought them down and looked at me for about 2 seconds, then his eyes rolled back into his head and he went to sleep. I just held him and kept wiping his butt as he kept pooping (really nasty black tar poop). I would hold my breath and get my face close to his just to make sure he was still breathing. A few stitches and a few diaper changes later, and we were all together in our room for the night. We were both to hyped to sleep, so at 10pm when some friends stopped by the hospital we had them come up to the room. Lynn had the boy (yet unnamed) in bed with her, and covered with a sheet. After the hellos and how are yous, they asked to see the baby, and did not realize they were sitting next to him the whole time (I guess you had to be there).

Well that was about the end of that day.

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Date:2003-10-08 12:36

OOC: okay I'll add another little story, and readers please feel free do to so yourself! :) (oh yeah and this story is in kind of an "Interview" style.. so, yep.)

All alone

The days just seems a little colder with him gone, I tend to forget things now more often and I hardly ever feel like sitting outside on my porch any more.

Which is strange because when he was around he always stood by me, whether I was sitting outside having a cigarette or tending to some yard cleaning in the back yard he was there, in my arms.

The postman came by today and saw me outside for the first time in a while, taking out a bag of garbage, and he asked me "Where's you know who?". My heart clenched and I just didn't know what to say, he must have understood my situation and walked off saying "I understand, have a good day Miss Brandyweir ". I went inside as quickly as possible, I had to have a glass of water before I could even begin to speak again.

I've had "Goldie" for over 16 years, the small poodle couldn't walk anymore so I was his legs and carried him wherever I went. He was such a beautiful poodle, the pearliest white fur and the black as night eyes, but one day he didn't want me to pick him up, he was moving a little slow even for his age and just didn't want to eat anything, so i managed to take him to the living room, in his favorite chair where we sat and watched movies so many times before, and just rocked in the chair, humming, till he went to sleep.

I never realized how important Glodie was to me until he was gone, and now it seems a part of me has gone with him. I don't think I'll ever get that back, or find another dog on the face of this earth who is as loving as the one I use to have.

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Date:2003-09-30 19:56
Subject:2 TV's.

OOC: okay I thought I'd restart this community, I changed a few things to make it more interesting. The characters do NOT interact with the others, they are all off on different sides of the planet so to speak. Someone, like me, or you can write about a person you may have observed and wondered what it would be like to walk in their shoes for the day and write about it, about what their life is like. If you have any other questions please ask away... now on with my first "story".

My name is Earl, I'm 54 and single. I'm not really looking for someone to share my life with, that would only ruin my daily routine which I have grown so fond of.

I wake up at eight o'clock on the dot. Take a shower, drink my coffee and read the paper. I walk around the house to make sure everything is in good shape, and then it's off to the hardware store. I've been working there for 16 years now, it's a small place and I gotten even less business with the new Lowes that just opened down the street. But it's my shop, I make a copy of a key better with my own hands than Lowes would with their high tech laser machine. I get a few dedicated customers that will still stop by every now and then. "Hey Earl, working hard?" and I would reply "Hardly working!"

I bet the workers there don't even know all the sizes of nails like I do. And which are best for which woods. I can only figure that people who go to such a big store like that are looking to get into shape, what with all the walking around they have to do just to get a single item.

Well, after I eat my sandwich for lunch my evening worker walks in and is ready to take over. So I return home, which is only a hop skip and a jump away. To greet my lovely lazy boy by the door. Some men like to lounge back all the way but I like to sit upright, it's better like that if you don't want to get osteoporosis in the spine. I grab my remote to the right of me, turn the TV on, and then I grab the remote to the left of me and turn that TV on. I chose to own 2 TV's and set them side by side one day because I would always watch a program and miss something else, or I wanted to know what the weather was like but I was in the middle of watching a movie. So it all makes sense now.

I usually watch the weather channel, to make sure there isn't no hurricane coming by. And on the other TV I'll sit and watch the news, or all the new products they sell over the TV, and before I know it it's already midnight. So I grab the remote to my left and turn off that TV, and then I grab the remote to me right and turn off that TV. Then it's off to bed, where I will wake up and do the same thing all over again. Does anyone else have it better than that?

OOC: okay can you guess if i made that up, or if i've actually seen someone like that before?

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